Buying A New Air Conditioner? Check the SEER Rating First!

A new air conditioner ensures that people can beat the heat when the warm summer weather comes in. However, this is more than cooling off during the hottest days of the year. Instead, it is important to invest in models that have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or Rating (SEER). This ratio means that the air conditioner is energy efficient, in line with government regulations, and will save a person money. Whenever it comes time to buy a new air conditioning model, one needs to check the SEER ranking first!

Get in Line with Regulations

The SEER measures the amount of power needed to power the system in comparison to its cooling output. In January of 2006, it was decided that all air conditioners had to have a SEER of 13 or higher. Older models may have lower rankings. The best SEER ranking one can achieve is 21. Usually, the higher the ratio, the larger the size of the unit, though this is not always true.

Save on Utility Bills

One of the chief benefits to a high SEER rating is that a home owner can be sure to save money. After all, who doesn’t want to invest in an air conditioner that will efficiently cool a room without using a lot of electrical power? The higher the rating, the more money a person can save later on down the line. Thus, this is a long-term investment. Some experts predict that as the SEER number increases, efficiency increases between 6 and 10%.

Environmentally Friendly Option

Reducing the amount of energy one uses is more than just saving on utility bills. This is also a prime time to go green and reduce one’s carbon footprint. After all, the more energy a home uses, the more harm is done to the environment. This is a chance to make smart decisions when investing in new appliances and air conditioning systems.

Increase the Value of the Home

People want to invest in homes that come with a host of features. Any property with an air conditioner with a high SEER rating is sure to be worth more. After all, this tells a would-be buyer that the home will have lower utility costs during the hotter months of the year.

An air conditioner is an important investment. There are many models on the market today. A high SEER ratio means that people can be sure that the unit will efficiently cool a home without resulting in high utility bills. It is possible to find some great models without going into debt. Shopping around, comparing SEER ratings, and investigating different models will help a home owner select the best new air conditioner for him or her. This investment will lower energy bills, increase the value of the home, and is a green alternative to older models.

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One Response to Buying A New Air Conditioner? Check the SEER Rating First!

  1. Hannah says:

    I didn’t know about the particular SEER numbers, but I’m glad I do now because I was considering buying a used air conditioner this spring. I’ll be sure to look for one over 13 and closer to the 21 rating.

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